Let’s face it, making your way to several Chicago haunted houses in one night is almost impossible. Long lines, getting lost, finding parking all slow you down. You’re lucky if you can get to one haunted house, much less several. Well, The Chicago Haunt Tour has the solution for you. We’ve done all the hard work so you can just relax and enjoy. Oh, and scream!

What can you expect when you spend the evening with us?

*We start with a pizza party where you and 60 new friends will get to know each other*

*Then it’s onboard a luxury tour bus as we travel in style to each of the Chicago Haunted Houses *

*We hit 3 locations with with 5 haunted attractions to put fear in your heart*

*As we go to each location, you’ll be able to enjoy horror movies played onboard*

*At the end of the night it’s back to the restaurant and home to recover*

*No driving (once you’re at the restaurant)*

*VIP Tickets to each attraction so we can “jump the line”*

*Laughs, screams and fun with new found friends*

*Contests and prizes on the bus*

*The restaurant is accessible via the #97 bus and #215 pace bus. Both depart the Howard Red Line Station*

*We take care of it all so you can enjoy every minute*

The tour happens this year on October 8, 2016.

See you on the bus!


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