So, how did the Chicago Haunt Tour come about? Well, first off it’s put together by Dan Nurczyk and Marty Couch. Dan is the haunt enthusiast. Each year he would rent a car and see how many haunted attractions he could get to in one night. Well, Dan and Marty were talking one halloween season and the idea came up that it would be fun to get a whole group together to do this. Rather than car pool, we’d just rent a bus. And that’s the story of how The Chicago Haunt Tour came to be.

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Dan works full time in theater and knows a lot of actors who do haunted house work. From there he started meeting owners and building relationships. To our surprise they were willing to discount their tickets to get a bus load of people at their attraction early in the season (figuring good reviews would get out via social media and word of mouth). So, Dan started researching and visiting the haunts and hand selecting the best of the best to negotiate with and put on the tour.

We came up with the idea for the pizza party before hand for a few reasons. First, it lets everyone mingle and get to know each other before the tour. After all, these may be the people you’re holding on to for dear life later in the evening. It also gets everyone fed. If we had to stop and wait for people to eat at the haunts we could never make all three of them in one night. And lastly, it ensures everyone is in one place well before the bus arrives so we’re not waiting on last minute people calling to say their “running late”. Everyone gets checked in and ready to go. And Gullivers Pizza put together a very nice and affordable package for us. Our sincerest thanks to them.

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So, with these discounts what did we do? Start an empire? Trade stocks and futures in the haunt tour? Actually we do the numbers each year so we BREAK EVEN on the ticket price we charge. That’s right, what you pay is what we pay )ok, we might have a few bucks left over for putting it all together, but just enough to make Uncle Sam laugh). We want the price low enough that you truly can afford a fun evening out and still get a lot of value out of it.

So, the story of the haunt tour is really about you folks. The fans and friends who join us each year to make this a memorable event for all of us. We look forward to seeing many of you again this year!

See you on the bus!

Dan and Marty

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